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 Junkermann, SaraBelle
Born: 08/06/1913
Died: 01/18/2015
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Junkermann, SaraBelle "Sally"

Surrounded by loving family and friends, SaraBelle “Sally” Harker Junkermann went home to be with her Lord and Savior on January 18, 2015.  Because of her faith in Jesus payment for her sins, she is now fully enjoying all the joys of heaven. Sally was born in Windsor, New Jersey on August 6, 1913 to the Reverend Albert E. Harker and Stella (Hutchinson) Harker.  She spent most of her youth and early adult years in Greenwich, New Jersey where her father was the Pastor of the Greenwich Baptist Church. 

Sally graduated from Bridgeton High School in 1932.  She moved to Rockaway, New Jersey after her marriage to Ernest George Junkermann of Dover, New Jersey in 1948. Sally dearly loved her grand children who were privileged to grow up with a “Nana” who played, read and explored the wonders of God’s creation with them.  She greatly enjoyed her times with family and friends, but especially relished the opportunity to worship in God’s house weekly.  She had a servant’s heart which was evident as she used this blessing in various ways throughout her life – something always related to either her children or her church.  Self taught, she shared her gift of music playing the piano and organ in a wide variety of ministries.

Sally was a homemaker who made her house a home, cooking, sewing, knitting and gardening.  She had a kind, loving heart and many were drawn to her.  She was a friend to all.  Sally was motivated by her love for the Lord to pray for the best in other’s lives. Sally leaves behind her daughter, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews and great great nephews who all brought joy and love to her heart.  She is predeceased by her husband, 3 sisters and brother.      ​

​            Visitation will be held Thursday January 22, 2015 from 2-4 and 7-9 PM in the Iliff-Ruggiero Funeral Home #156 Main St. (Rt. 206) Newton, NJ. A praise and worship service will be held at the First Baptist Church of Newton on Friday January 23, 2015 at 11:30 AM. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to either the First Baptist Church of Newton or Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice Newton, NJ.
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Here are some special memories shared by family and friends.
My Little Miss America! I also called her Mom! She was loved as a Mother in my heart and I adopted her as Mom. She was so beautiful, from the inside to the outside. I would tell her that when I grow up, I want to be just like her. Mom loved the Lord first and her faith was unmovable. She and her loving daughter brought me back to our Great Heavenly Father; at a time when I felt broken, I felt I had nothing and was nothing! God was always there and will never leave me. Mom & I listened to the word of God many times and she would teach me and answer my questions. She was filled with so much wisdom and love,that she freely shared with everyone. Mom sincerely cared about people and how they were doing. She always included them in her prayers along with her loving family. This is what I loved so much about her. She loved life, she loved all Gods' creations and she included me in her loving heart! She had some great statements: she never let you stay in a down, negative, mopey Oh Me mood for long. She'd tell you " GET OVER IT & MOVE ON". Lol!.. She'd ask me " Did You Hand It Over To JESUS!" " And WHY NOT?" Lol!.. Mom said it the way it was, no beating around the bush with her. My funniest moment with mom was at the Mall. We were there to create a singing animal at Build A Bear Shop. This is a child's store filled with stuffed animals & clothes to put on them & a recorder to add a message. Well!.. We were there to make a special animal sing the song" YOU ARE MAY SUNSHINE " for her granddaughter Bethie. Mom couldn't grasp at first why we were going to buy a " UNSTUFFED BEAR" as she felt all the animals! Lol.. She was getting somewhat frustrated with this new way of buying a bear.. We picked out all we needed and we're going over to the fill station when mom says LOUDLY " I NEED A DRINK, NOW, OR I THINK IM GONNA DIE!" Well, you have to know how I felt at that moment, with a bunch of mommys are around us.... Lol. Got her water and came back to the store to get the recorders we needed to sing the song. I believe it took 4, one in each paw to complete the whole song. NOW this was so funny! Here we are in a child's store using their bathroom to sing in , to record 4, 20sec. I mean 20sec. Tapes! Over & over we went, a half hr. later, Over & Over we went!.. WE WERE DONE!! AND I WAS A NEVIOUS, SWEATING MESS!.. The young girl who helped us was so lovely and of course was captivated with moms story behind the bear, "which" ended up being a BUNNY, started to cry. She is so precious....she would say! YES SHE IS, OH,YES SHE IS! Mom and I left and were going to eat lunch at our place To eat " FRIENDLYS ICREAM". She looks at me and says " I'm a little cranky today" can you tell?... YEAH!!.. Just a little bit?.. Lol.. When the cute young man comes over to ask us if we would like a drink before we order? Mom turns with a big SMILE and looks at him, is the coffee fresh? He says to her I will make you a new pot! "What A NICE YOUNG MAN". Now I ask her what do you want to eat? "nothing".. you have to eat something.. "NO. I DON'T ".. DO YOU WANT ICREAM? YES!!... NO.... NOT IF YOU DON'T EAT SOMETHING!.. Well, the story ends that she ate her complete lunch, SMILED at her fresh coffee coming to her!.. and had NO PROBLEM eating the ICE CREAM SUNDEA!.... As we get in the car, mom looks at me and says" I WASN'T THAT CRANKY "...... DO YOU THINK....... I know I love her with all my heart! She was a inspiration, she strengthened and supported me. She let me know that I am never alone and brought me back to the LOVE & PEACE that Jesus and our Heavenly Father has for me! I know she loved me.... And I will "DEEPLY MISS HER, AS A DAUGHTER WOUlD MISS HER MOTHER"... My heart is hurting, but I know she is in Heaven! Smiling down on all her loved ones for all the Happy Years she had to enjoy with all of them. SMILING DOWN, with her "ALL LOVED ONES HOLDING HANDS," Knowing that she will see us soon, and greet us with OPEN ARMS!!... I LOVE YOU MOM...
Trisha Zatorski
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